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Kickback Detector

Patent pending, available for license

Kickback happens when a cutting tool gets pinched in the workpiece. It's common in table saws, circular saws, chainsaws, grinders, and even hand drills.  Watch Destin's Smarter Every Day video for a detailed description.


Lantern is looking to collaborate with major tool manufacturers to make sure preventable injuries become a thing of the past! 


Watch the full video at Smarter Every Day on YouTube:

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Automated Video Surveillance 

Available for license

Lantern's vision team has trained a Deep Neural Network that is capable of identifying handguns in real-time surveillance video. We built the system to support security officers who have to monitor dozens of simultaneous video feeds all day.  


This technology can easily be implemented in schools, convenience stores, or banks to name a few.

Watch the Smarter Every Day video for more details.

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Diabetic Retinopathy Detector

Collaboration on Grant Proposal

Many of us have family members with diabetes or at least know someone who is affected by the disease. Every six months, those with diabetes are strongly encouraged to get a retinal scan to look for markers of diabetic retinopathy; a condition which, without warning, can cause sudden vision loss. The only cure is early detection.


Retinal scans require access to an ophthalmologist, time out of your day to get the scan done, and then a long wait for the physician to analyze the photos. This can take weeks or even months.  


In April of 2018, we submitted a grant proposal to the Helmsley Charitable Trust to fund the development of a device, including an optical attachment for cell phones and a pre-trained neural network, that would allow one to capture an image of their retina at their home and provide early detection of DR symptoms. 


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